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I help employers navigate
workplace conflict and harassment. 

Have you received a formal complaint?
Is conflict affecting productivity and morale in your workplace?
Do you need training, policies, or governance advising to support a psychologically healthy workplace?
Let's discuss how I can help.


I conduct fair and transparent investigations, and provide practical recommendations and legal advice.


I resolve conflict, repair relationships and help teams build consensus regarding standards of workplace conduct.


I provide engaging and practical training on harassment prevention and response.

Policy and Governance 

I recommend and support tools that prevent harassment and promote psychological safety

Legal Writing

I provide contract legal writing services to legal investigators.

I have practiced labour and employment law since 2007.  I have represented unions, employers, and individuals.  I now practice as a workplace investigator and mediator.

I have completed training in trauma informed investigations at JIBC, and mediation at CLEBC.  Before attending law school, I completed a Master's degree in Occupational Health and Safety and worked as a Safety Manager.

My process is driven by my core values: fairness and transparency.  Investigation outcomes are not foreseeable.  It is critical that all parties have confidence in the process.

I practice throughout BC, both virtually and in person.

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